21. Mohansic Trailway 



The Mohansic Trailway follows an abandon (1917) railbed that went from the Putnam Division Railroad to what is now the Mohansic Golf Course. It begins at Rt 118 and Downing Drive, crosses Baldwin Road (0.4 mile.), and continues through FDR State Park to Mohansic Avenue East (1 mile). It is suitable for walking and mountain bikes. The boardwalk (west end) and gravel (east end) are handicaped accessible.  The middle section bridges are accessible but the path has a steep part (20 feet) and may be muddy.


The 8 foot wide 564 foot boardwalk was built in 2018. The 3 bridges and gravel path were finished in 2019. A 50 ft boardwalk was an Eagle Scout project. The funding was from Hudson Valley Greenway grants to the Town of Yorktown, $7500, and Yorktown Trail Town $12,500. Addition funding from private donations paid for the bridges. 

The town highway department built the 900 foot gravel section from Rt 118 to the first bridge. and volunteers from the New York - New Jersey Trail Conference, Yorktown Trail Town and local residents built the bridges, boardwalk and crib walls along the stream.  See photo gallery of some of the work.

For more details see the press release for the opening September 28, 2019.


See FDR State Park map, which shows most of the Mohansic Trailway (dashed) or this pre-construction plan.