13. Yorktown Trailway

Description:  A 3.4 mile dirt mountain biking and hiking trail paralleling the west side of the Taconic Parkway from the Bear Mountain Parkway, past the pedestrian bridge over the Taconic to just north of Route 6.

Where: The Yorktown Trailway can be reached five ways: 
  1. At the intersection of Stony 
Street and the Bear Mountain Parkway.

      No public parking.

  2. At the end of Buckhorn Street in Shrub Oak, where there is roadside parking.

  3. Where the Trailway crosses Route 132 and Route 6N.
  4. Hikers and mountain bikers can reach the Trailway via the 
trails in Granite Knolls Park.
  5. Hikers and mountain bikers can also cross the pedestrian bridge 

      over the Taconic to access the Trailway from Woodlands Legacy FieldsPark.  


See information provided by the New York - New Jersey Trail Conference.

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